Fees and Charges

Agency fees differ from agent to agent. It is essential for a Landlord to understand that low fee agents are not necessarily the best option, as they are normally low for a reason, i.e. Are they working from a bedroom or a temporary office on a month by month basis ? Will the agent or negotiator you spoke to on Monday, be there on the following Wednesday ? Or will your low fee agent even be in business after they have collected rent on your property or are holding the Tenancy deposit ?

These are all important questions to consider, as after all you are trusting them to rent your property, which will be worth a considerable sum, and do you really want to jeopardise it for perhaps only a few extra pounds ? Remember the best overall value is not always the cheapest commission, as if the agent gets it wrong it can end up costing you thousands in lost rent/damages & costs.

It is important to trust and work with your agent and obviously whilst we love what we do, it is in both of our interests that our relationship is a long and happy one. We know from experience that whilst some Landlords will always go for what is cheapest, after they have experienced what the cheap agents offer (or rather don’t offer !), they use us and are very happy to pay our fees. We are proud to say that over 80% of our business comes via recommendations, which surely shows that whilst we may not always be the cheapest, we must be doing something right! 30 years in the Property Rental business counts for something !

Home From Home will ensure all Landlords receive the highest level of personal service, geared to the requirements of the individual Landlord.


Our fees are 10% of the first year’s rental plus VAT, payable in full upon signature of the documentation. A renewal fee will become due if the Tenant, or any of the Tenants remain in occupation after the initial term.

Renewal Fees

When we are first instructed to rent your property, you agree to pay us an overall fee for our services, which includes our renewal fees, which are 8% of the second and subsequent years rental, plus VAT. Renewal fees are payable for as long as the Tenant, or any of the Tenants remain in occupation, or should our Tenants introduce a further Tenant/s who enters into a Tenancy Agreement with you, without there being an intervening tenancy, as a direct result of our initial introduction, then fees shall become payable to us at the commencement of that new tenancy.

Management Charges

Our management fee of 5% of the monthly rental plus V.A.T. is payable each month whilst the Tenants remain in occupation.

Other Charges

Should we be required to attend Court, we reserve the right to make a charge of up to £250 plus VAT.

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